William R. Porter

Sergeant William Roy Porter was from Oneida, New York and was born on 12 July 1949. He was 20 and single when he died on 2 June 1970. Sergeant Porter was attached to A Company, 60th Infantry, 5th Battalion in the U. S. Army. John Anderson posted this information about Sargent Porter. “I was with Porter in Cambodia. Porter was a leader and a great friend. I was the medic, Doc Anderson, with Porter up until his death. On the day of hell, Porter had recently returned from R&R in Sydney Australia, and I was getting close to getting there. Porter and I had eaten our C-rations together that day, and he was filling me in on places to go in Sydney. Shortly after we had finished, our platoon headed out and Porter was walking point. We walked into an ambush and the fighting and firing was so intense we got to Porter and he was dead. We were going to carry him out of there, when the assholes in charge decided we couldn’t get him out in time and had to wait till first light. The next day having worried every second of the long night about what might happen to Porter we got his body and rejoiced that he had not been touched by the VC. I loved all the guys and Porter was family. Rest in peace my brother, Love ya!” Doc Anderson. July 17 2007. His name is located on panel 9W line 2 on the Vietnam Memorial. His body rests at Saint Helena’s Cemetery, Oneida, New York.