Parade History

This year is the 157th observance of Memorial Day and Oneida's 145th. Memorial Day began after the Civil War when Southern women started putting flowers on the graves of their servicemen that perished in the war. This custom spread over the whole country.

Communities in this area started observing Decoration Day after The Grand Army of the Republic (Union Veterans' Organization) proclaimed May 30, 1868 (157 yrs.) for the purpose of decorating graves of those who lost their lives defending their country.

Oneida finally became involved May 30, l880 (145 yrs.) Parades and services at Glenwood and St. Patrick Cemeteries took place over the years with variations such as church services and veterans dinners.

The Oneida Memorial Association began May 27, 1936, 89 years ago, for the purpose of marking and caring for veterans' grave sites and proper observance of Memorial Day which is held at Triangle Park.

Through the years of World War II, Korea, Vietnam and Desert Storm conflicts, to the war in Iraq, Memorial Day observances have taken place. In l969 the celebration started being held on Friday evening. This enabled more participation and allowed for the long holiday weekend. The American Legion continues to place flags on all local veterans’ graves.

The Oneida Memorial Association has kept the services and parades going. A dedicated group; they have spent time and effort in making the Memorial Day events bigger and better each year for the community. Every one enjoys the services and the committee has a wonderful feeling of accomplishment when the events are over for another year. Sadly, the committee has dwindled in size and the expenses have become bigger each year.

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